New Horizonscan reveals upcoming pharmaceutical advances   

Zorginstituut Nederland (ZIN) has released the latest Horizonscan, outlining the expected introduction of 246 new medicines and 189 existing medicines for new indications in the European market over the next two years.

Notably, nearly half of these are cancer medications, with significant advancements in treatments for lung and breast cancer. This release also highlights an increase in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), emphasizing their growing importance in treating severe and rare conditions.   

Important information for companies regarding the Horizonscan in June 2024  

If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, ZIN invites you to submit information about your new drugs and/or indication expansions for inclusion in the Horizonscan Medicines of June 2024. This call is for products planned for market entry by mid-2026. The submission deadline is January 19, 2024.  

Submitting information about upcoming new drugs and indication expansions can only be done through a dedicated manufacturer portal, and all registered manufacturers are invited twice a year to contribute. Once the information is collected, it is reviewed by specialized working groups, combining manufacturer input with data gathered by ZIN. These expert groups discuss and decide whether to include the information wholly, partially, or not at all in the Horizonscan. Detailed procedures and guidelines regarding this process are available in a specific document provided by ZIN.  

It’s important to note that the working group members do not communicate directly with the manufacturers about their assessments. All communications regarding medications are handled through ZIN.  

Additionally, manufacturers can submit information through the portal at any time, not just during the two fixed periods. However, the Zorginstituut cannot guarantee that information submitted outside the designated periods will be reviewed in time for the next publication, although they endeavor to do so.  

As the BeNeLux member of the PHAROS Healthcare Consulting Network, AxTalis can offer assistance in obtaining the requested information and ensure that it is appropriately defined or aligned with the reimbursement strategy.