We can support you and your company with efficient, key-in hand Pricing and Market Access services that you as our client, as a patient, a physician, as health technology evaluator and a decision maker in the healthcare environment will regard as creative, focused, valuable and excellent.

Service offerings for your benefit:

  • Strategic analysis of environmental information
  • EU-5 market access and pricing strategies
  • Requests for advice meetings with HTA and regulatory agencies
  • Evidence generation and review
  • Reimbursement file submissions
  • Scientific (MA) Dossier writing
  • Stakeholder engagement plans and activities (sounding boards, campaigning etc.)
  • Pricing research & value demonstration services
  • Cost-effectiveness modelling
  • Price negotiation support
  • Contracting with payers
  • Wholesale license and distribution
  • Listing in transparency lists
  • Early Access Programs
  • Collection and analysis of real-world evidence
  • Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)


The answer to the How?

Our consulting approach builds on your studies and evidence, and integrates the value drivers and market access experiences into one strategy.

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Market Access

The ‘perfect market access‘ or the ‘perfect storm’!

European market access challenges usually have acronyms: NICE, HAS, AMNOG, AIFA and CIMP – which give evidence of the global megatrend for rigorous assessments in reimbursement decisions of health technologies (Health Technology Assessment (HTA)).

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Value determination, demonstration and communication.

It is not simply a question of determining how much payers will pay for drugs. It is a question, of how much of the value can you demonstrate within the clinical trial results, and how much clinical and economic justification do you have to supplement from other evidence sources.

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